Competitive Advantage

Elmo Insurance will differentiate itself through offering a quality and personalised service to its customers, pricing stability based on market and risk knowledge and robust statistics, and professional relationships with its reinsurance broker and reinsurers.

The strategy towards our customers is underpinned through:

  1. Customers recognising that Elmo Insurance is a safe home for their business
  2. The respect that customers have for the knowledge of our management and staff
  3. Stability in service, premium rates and terms
  4. A personalised service at all times
  5. Knowing our customers
  6. Knowing what our customers want and providing solutions


Our business promise to our customers is to put things right, when things that they have insured against have gone wrong. Elmo Insurance will therefore maintain its attitude towards claimants:

  1. Being available when it matters
  2. Offering a fair and reasonable settlement within the terms of the policy
  3. Ensuring a speedy settlement