Construction & Engineering Insurance

We are a leading provider of Construction Insurance in Malta. We have been at the forefront in insuring construction projects such as:

  • Alteration works
  • Demolition of terraced houses or large properties such as hotels, excavation and construction of apartment blocks
  • Road works
  • Tunnelling works  


Furthermore, we are also a major provider of Engineering Insurance such as Plant All Risks Insurance, Machinery Installation Insurance and Machinery Breakdown Insurance.  We provide a selection of tailor-made insurance solutions for your business 

Contractors All Risks Cover

Contractors' All Risks Insurance is designed to cover civil engineering and construction projects. The policy seeks to indemnify the Insured against sudden and unforeseen loss or damage incurred by the Contract Works. The policy also provides for costs incurred to clear the site from debris following an insured loss

Cover is taken up prior to commencement of works and ends after all insured works have been executed. Various extensions are available subject to full information being made available to underwriters prior to inception.

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Machinery Installation Cover

Machinery Installation Damages incurred during the setting up and installation of machinery is covered under Erection All Risks Insurance. The indemnity provided is very similar to that offered under a Contractors' All Risks Policy but is more appropriately used in connection with the erection and installation of machinery. The Policy also provides cover during the testing and commissioning of new machinery 

Public Liability Cover

The policy will provide cover against legal liability arising from the project being undertaken and which you may become liable to pay in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental property damage sustained by third parties 

Plant All Risks Cover

The policy provides indemnity against loss or damage of plant and machinery whilst at work on the contract site, at rest at the Insured's premises (including yard) or in transit within the specified Geographical Limits 

Machinery Breakdown Cover

The policy is aimed at providing cover for a number of different types of machinery and plant whilst these are at work or at rest or whilst being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning or overhauling against sudden and unforeseen loss or damage in a manner necessitating their repair or replacement. The Machinery Breakdown Policy supplements the cover already granted under the material damage policy 

Loss of Profits Following Machinery Breakdown Cover

The policy aims to provide indemnity for loss of profits or income that you might sustain following an interruption of the business or interference therewith as a consequence of a loss which is covered under the Machinery Breakdown Cover 

Deterioration of Stocks Cover

The policy is designed as a cover against deterioration of stock in cold storage due to a breakdown of the refrigerating plant / machinery or accidental failure of electrical supply which under certain conditions can cause the rise or fall in temperature or allow unforeseen escape of refrigerant gas. This policy requires that a Machinery Breakdown Policy is in force at all times