Cargo Insurance

There is always a lot to think about, whether you run your own business or a large commercial firm. The right cargo insurance cover can give you peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, your cargo is covered against any damages whilst in transit 

Cargo Insurance covers the physical damage or loss of your goods whilst in transit. Goods in transit include import and export on land and at sea. Cargo insurance does not only apply for importers and exporters of large amounts of stock, it also applies to individuals who wish to import or export small packages or small amounts of stock, including items of furniture. Small businesses may, for example, import pallet loads of stock and therefore opt for a group age or part container load 

Whilst in some cases marine insurance is taken care of by the supplier, on occasions it is the importer who is responsible to insure the goods whilst in transit. This will depend on how the transaction is concluded. Cover may vary according to the nature of the commodity or the voyage. It is in the importers interest to insure his cargo, should the vessel suffer a mishap, and this will avoid legal complications in obtaining the release of the affected goods. Peace of mind is an important part of the transiting of the goods