Who We Are

Elmo is a respected company linked to global and financially strong reinsurers.
We work to ensure we offer a unique and personalised service to our valued customers.
We are committed to ensuring the expectations of our shareholders, reinsurers, customers and staff are fully met.
Maintaining financial stability, quality underwriting and products, experienced and qualified staff, and a personalised service,
we will ensure that the expectations of our shareholders, reinsurers, customers and staff are fully met, and that the company contributes to the economy and insurance market in Malta.
We value Integrity, Relationships and Collaboration, Excellence, Accountability, and Customer Commitment and Quality. 
Put simply, WE.ARE.ELMO.


Our Vision

Our vision is to constantly maintain a high standard of excellence in all that we do, be proactive, offer peace of mind, and deliver on what we have promised to all our stakeholders.

Our Mission

Elmo Insurance Limited is a company with a core based on financial stability and honest relationships.  We are committed to building on our past and creating a future in which we offer more than just an “economic activity”. Through leveraging upon the skills and experience of our employees and re insurers, and maintaining strong networks with our various distribution channels, we go the extra mile for our customers. We understand their needs, personalise their experience, and thus offer a better service and product. This is further supported by our commitment to fairness, honesty, and respect.

Our Values

Our company’s values are the heart of Elmo. They support our vision and shape our culture, they make us who we are, they are the essence of the company’s identity – our principles, beliefs and philosophies.

Integrity: Be open, honest, transparent, and fair. Only promise what can truly be delivered.

Accountability: Take pride in and own your work. Deliver on promises with no excuses.

Customer Commitment and Quality: Go the extra mile to deliver true value to customers.

Relationships and Collaboration: Work together to ensure the best experience for customers and colleagues.

Excellence: Do your best. Always. Constantly aim for personal and professional growth. Challenge yourself to reflect, improve, grow, and develop.