Motor Insurance Claims

  • Remain calm and focused
  • Do not move the vehicles
  • Take photos of the road and the vehicle positions
  • Do not give an opinion as to who is at fault
  • Only discuss accident details with the warden, police or your insurance company.
If anyone was injured during the accident, it is important to contact the Police authorities on 112 and they will call on site.
For bumper to bumper collisions, you must complete a Front-to-Rear Form. Make sure this is fully completed and signed by yourself and the third party. Keep a copy of the form and give a copy to the third party
If it was not a bumper to bumper collision and if no one was injured, you must contact the local wardens on 2132 0202.
If your vehicle needs to be towed, you may call 79492950
This service is available to all our private Comprehensive vehicles and to any clients who have paid for this service.

It is important that you advise us of the accident, as soon as possible by:

  • Either filling in the below form
  • By contacting us on 2343 0000 
  • Or by visiting one of our offices.

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Step 1.

Personal 1. Policy Holder's Details
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Personal 2. Driver's Details
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Driver General Questions:
Vehicle 3. Accident Details
Nature of Damages - Insured And/Or Third Party
Please select which vehicle has suffered damages and mark on the diagrams the nature of the damages.
Additionally you can describe the nature of the damages in further detail in the provided fields.

Own Damages
Third Party Damages
4. Third Party Details

Step 2.

1. Documentation

Please ensure that scanned documents and photos are clear.
Below is a list of documentation which must be uploaded:

  • Copy of driving license
  • Copy of front to rear form if applicable
  • Photos of accident of the road and vehicle position/accident

Allowed file types: pdf, png, jpg

Step 3.

Elmo Insurance Limited is committed to protect the security of your personal data and to ensure that your rights according to the Data Protection Legislation are safeguarded. You may access our Data Protection Notice through the following link:

I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements and information provided by me in this form are true, accurate and complete and that I have not withheld any material information from Elmo Insurance Limited. I understand that if any information provided by me in this claim form is incorrect or incomplete or if I fail to disclose any material information, Elmo Insurance Limited may repudiate this claim.

I also agree that any person filling in this claim form on my behalf shall for that purpose be regarded as my representative and not as a representative of Elmo Insurance Limited and that in such case, I remain fully responsible for the correctness and accuracy of the answers provided in the form.

I understand that Elmo Insurance Limited needs to process personal data concerning me or any other person insured or to be insured under the policy or who may claim under the policy , including personal data concerning health, in order to process, handle and/or settle this claim and I declare that I have no objection to such processing of personal data by Elmo Insurance Limited. I consent to the provision of any or all medical records relating to me or any or any other person insured or to be insured under the policy or who may claim under the policy to Elmo Insurance Limited as may be required for the purpose of the processing, handling or settlement of this claim. Consequently, I authorise any institution or person (including but not limited to doctors, nurses, surgeons, therapists, hospitals, clinics, laboratories and any other healthcare professional) to provide Elmo Insurance Limited with any information, including full medical records, reports or notes concerning me or any other person insured or to be insured under the policy or who may claim under the policy, in order for the validity of this claim to be established. Furthermore I authorise Elmo Insurance Limited to obtain from and/or share with other insurers and insurance intermediaries personal data concerning me or any other person insured or to be insured under the policy or who may claim under the policy, including personal data concerning health, in order to prevent, detect and/or suppress insurance fraud.

Step 4.

1. Policy Excess - (The first part of any claim which you may need to pay)

IMPORTANT - It is important that you confirm the excess amount payable with one of our claims representatives.
You can pay by sending a cheque payable to Elmo Insurance Limited, by internet banking or you may visit one of our branches.

Alternatively, you can pay by debit or credit card by filling in the fields below.

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