Elmo Insurance Ltd launches new products

Elmo Insurance has recently launched two new products. Health 123, a Hospital Daily Allowance Benefit and GAP Insurance, a Guaranteed Asset Protection policy, were the innovative products introduced by management.
Health 123 is a health-related cover that provides a daily hospital benefit according to the number of in-patient stays in any hospital, whether the stays be related to accidental bodily injury or illness. Applicable in any hospital, whether public or private, the benefit is only valid within Malta. Benefits are payable once the patient exceeds a continuous stay of 24hours in hospital. Such benefits are doubled in the case of treatment being given in intensive therapy units, and tripled where the patient is admitted to hospital due to an accident. Available to any person between the age of three months up to the age of 60, the benefit is paid up to a total of 90 days in any one period of insurance. A policy can be renewed up to the maximum age of 69 years.

GAP Insurance aims to ease the financial difficulties faced by car owners whose vehicles are declared a total loss after suffering accidental damage, fire or theft. Whilst car insurers will normally only pay up to the market value of the car, with GAP insurance the insurers’ settlement is topped up by a maximum of 25% putting car owners in a better position to purchase a replacement car. GAP Insurance can be purchased regardless of whether the car insurance is provided by Elmo. However, for Elmo private comprehensive car insurance customers, a FREE 10% GAP cover is provided so as to add value to our product, with the option of increasing the GAP cover to 25% subject to an additional premium.

About Elmo Insurance Ltd:

Elmo Insurance Ltd is a respected company linked to global and financially strong reinsurers. Through a commitment to financial strength, quality underwriting and products, experienced and qualified staff, and a personalised service, we will ensure that the expectations of our shareholders, reinsurers, customers and staff are fully met, and that the company contributes to the economy and insurance market in Malta. For more information phone 2343 0000 or visit www.elmoinsurance.com

Elmo Insurance Ltd. is authorised to carry out general insurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

Elmo Insurance Ltd Managing Director Mr Bartoli opening the Product Launch.