Elmo Insurance engages in collaboration project with Embrace Diversity

To mark the beginning of their 12-month collaboration, Elmo Insurance donated an AED Defibrillator to the NGO, presented by Mr Anthony Cauchi, Elmo’s COO.

 Embrace Diversity works to support students with various disabilities and strives to help them experience fun and learning activities in a group setting every day.

‘We are very excited about this endeavour, and would like to thank everyone involved in making this collaboration possible. Our team and Directors have been very supportive of the cause,’ said Mr Cauchi.

 ‘Our CSR team have worked hard to raise funds through various activities and initiatives, to ensure that we as Elmo can support Embrace Diversity in the best way possible.’

Ms Claudette Curmi, the founder of Embrace Diversity, met with Mr Cauchi on Friday to receive the donation.

‘We owe a huge thank you to Elmo Insurance for their support and for their donation today of an AED Defibrillator. We are also so grateful for their upcoming partnership for the next 12 months,’ said Ms Curmi.