Elmo Insurance Ltd appoints a new Executive Director

The Board of Directors of Elmo Insurance Limited recently announced a significant milestone. As of the 6th May 2024, Anthony Cauchi, the current Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as an Executive Director.

This strategic move to ensure succession and continuity at Board level not only symbolises the passage of time, but also encapsulates the resilience, dedication, and unwavering commitment of each member of our staff over decades, said David Bartoli, Managing Director. “Since 1939, Elmo has forged ahead, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities with determination, predominantly thanks to the efforts and abilities of its people.

The opportunity for career growth at Elmo is of huge importance. Over the past 28 years, Anthony has worked immensely hard and dedicated his working life to Elmo, ensuring that the company evolved into the robust and thriving organisation that it is today. Starting in a junior role in 1996, he has progressively ascended through the ranks over the years, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency in various roles. In addition, Anthony has pursued and achieved an Advanced Diploma in Insurance (ACII), and a Masters in Business Administration, further augmenting his technical expertise.

Anthony has also served as President of the Malta Insurance Association in 2021, a position he held with distinction for a two-year term.

Considering the nature, scale and complexity of the Insurance industry, Anthony's wealth of experience coupled with his strategic qualifications and leadership qualities, uniquely position him to significantly contribute to the organization's continued growth and success.

As Elmo Insurance commemorates this significant milestone, it renews its commitment to excellence and continues to chart the course for Elmo's success in the years to come.