Motor FAQs

A no claims discount is a percentage that is deducted from your insurance premium when no claim is registered during the policy period. Refer to section 10 regarding our claims discount scale and how it is affected following a claim.

You may use your motor vehicle abroad provided that you have a valid insurance policy. You will need to inform us that you intend to take the vehicle abroad if you require extension of your existing cover or if you intend to use the motor vehicle outside a designated state. We will issue an endorsement or a green card if required to enable you to travel with your motor vehicle.

You may effect changes to your motor policy at any time during the policy period. Certain changes can be subject to an additional premium. For upgrades in cover, we may require photos or a survey of the motor vehicle.

You need to contact one of our offices and we will guide you accordingly.

If Your Policy cover is on Comprehensive basis, and Your vehicle is a Private Car, You are entitled to free Roadside Assistance.

For any other cover and for Commercial vehicles, We offer subsidised rates should You wish to include Roadside Assistance under Your Policy.

Roadside assistance covers the Geographical Area of:

• Malta and/or Gozo and Europe (applicable to Private Cars).

• Malta and/or Gozo (applicable to Commercial Vehicles).

*Subject to the special Terms and Conditions for European Roadside Assistance.

The accident must be reported to the wardens. If anyone sustains injuries, you must report the accident to the Police.  A front to rear form should be completed if applicable. Liability should never be admitted and if possible, photos should be taken on the spot prior to moving the vehicles. Take details of any witnesses especially independent ones and inform us immediately.

Failure to report a claim, especially if at fault may result in incurring unnecessary legal or court fees. You are also expected to fully cooperate with us throughout the whole claim process especially where a legal obligation exists.

A claim should be lodged at our Head office in Ta Xbiex or at any branch office, TII or broker office or by email or post. Claims over the phone will not be accepted.

It is always advisable to contact us in order to enable us to guide you in the right direction and assist wherever possible. We provide legal assistance for all types of cover should liability become an issue with the third-party insurance.

Irrespective of liability we strongly suggest you lodge a claim with us, and we will deal with the rest. A survey is booked and an order/quote for parts is placed. If the vehicle is repairable, parts are delivered directly to the supplier once available and the repairer will eventually contact you for an appointment. Once the appointment is given, call our office to book your courtesy vehicle if required/applicable. Contacting us on the day the repairers are set to commence may result in us failing to provide you with a replacement vehicle due to non-availability.

You need to report your accident to anyone in our Head Office in Ta’ Xbiex or any Branches or any TIIs or Brokers office. If you hold comprehensive cover, a survey will be organised to establish the extent of damages incurred. Damaged vehicles should be repaired at an approved repairer.

Our cost control team will contact various suppliers and order the required parts accordingly. Once available these will be delivered to the approved repairer of Your choice.

The type of cover You hold does not determine the type of parts supplied.

If Your Motor Vehicle is more than 5 years old, the parts supplied will either be second hand original parts or alternative new pattern parts depending on availability.

Once the parts reach Your Repairer, You will be entitled to a replacement vehicle whilst Your vehicle will be undergoing repairs. The duration of repairs would have been established and agreed between the surveyor and the repairer.

In the case of VAT registered clients, the owner will have to purchase the parts and will then Claim settlement net of VAT once liability is determined. However, if We have proof confirming VAT exemption, We will order the required parts accordingly.

If You are involved in an accident and feel that You are not to blame, a Claim should be lodged and if We agree that there are grounds for recovery, We will engage Our lawyer or a lawyer appointed by You but approved by Us to assist You. Once a survey is carried out by the third-party insurer, You will need to repair Your vehicle as per survey report and provide Us with copies of all invoices including fiscal receipts to enable Us to start the process.