Motor FAQs

With the best will in the world, concerns about some aspects of our service can occasionally arise. In such circumstances, our staff have the authority to settle problems and will do everything they can to help. This should be your first point of contact. If you are still not satisfied, please refer the matter to our Complaints Officer on 2343 0114 or 

  • Comprehensive

Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle, as well as your legal liability for death of, or bodily injury to, third parties, including your legal liability for damage to third party property.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft insurance covers damage to your vehicle following fire and theft, as well as your legal liability for death of, or bodily injury to, third parties, including your legal liability for damage to third party property.

  • Third Party Only

Third Party insurance covers your legal liability for death of, or bodily injury to, third parties, including your legal liability for damage to third party property. It is important to know that damage to your vehicle would not be covered under this type of policy. We shall be glad to provide you with free legal advice following an accident. 

We will issue your road licence together with your insurance policy when your policy is up for renewal. We will not be able to re-print another one if it is lost. A replacement one may be re-printed at Transport Malta Offices at a charge.

If you take your vehicle to another country within the European Union, we will extend your cover to meet the third-party legislation in that country. All private comprehensive and third-party fire and theft vehicles are entitled up to 30 days free of charge cover while travelling within the European Union provided that you let us know the dates when you are travelling prior to your departure.

Beyond the period of 30 days you will be covered, subject to an additional premium, by calling us on 2343 0000.


The value of your vehicle should be reviewed every year, and this will affect the premium you pay, unless you are already paying a minimum premium. We will value your vehicle according to the vehicles value guide book. This does not apply if you have Third Party insurance. If you disagree with this valuation, you can get your vehicle valued by an approved professional surveyor. We offer this free of charge through our motor experts. It is not advisable to increase your vehicle value without verification by a survey report, because in case of a claim we will base payments on the value set by the vehicles value guide book (unless this is superseded by a professional survey report) or the current market value applicable at the time of the loss.  

An excess is the first portion of a claim for which you are responsible to pay and is individual to each policy.  

Unless your policy is restricted to yourself only driving or two named drivers, the policy covers you and any authorised driver according to the youngest age shown in the proposal form or in the latest schedule issued by US. If you want to change the age limitation or add another driver to your existing policy, please call us and at a cost we will be able to add the other driver to your vehicle insurance policy. You’ll need the following information about the other driver:

  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Occupation
  • Driving licence details
  • Driving experience (such as any previous claims or motoring convictions)


Kindly note that we will continue to provide the same insurance cover purchased while your vehicle is in the custody of vehicle repairer for service or repair.


Yes, we insure drivers from the age of 18, but first please call us on 2343 0000. 

We will not be able to provide cover if your vehicle has been modified to increase the top speed or acceleration unless approved by us. 


If we have been unable to automatically obtain proof of your no claims discount, then you will need to send us your most recent renewal notice or letter from your previous insurance company. The renewal notice or letter will need to confirm the following:

  • Insurance company policy number
  • Your Name and surname
  • Number of years of no Claims Discount
  • Expiry date


If in any doubt please contact your last insurance company and ask for evidence of your no claims discount entitlement. 


You may cancel your Policy at any time by giving us seven days’ notice in writing and have the vehicle insured elsewhere before cancellation. We may cancel this policy by sending seven days’ notice by registered mail to the last address provided to us by you. Any refund of premium due will be calculated on a pro rata basis. The original motor certificate must be returned to us.

In the event that the original motor certificate is lost or misplaced, we will need an affidavit from you stating this before we can cancel the policy.

For all online transactions, there is also a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ during which the purchaser has the right to a full refund for the service purchased online should they change their mind.


If you lodge one claim during your insurance period, you will not lose your non-claims discount completely but a step back of non-claims discount will apply, depending on your insurance cover.  Please refer to non-claims discount table provided through this link

No, for any private vehicle, windscreen claims do not affect your No Claims Discount provided the replacement or repaid cost does not exceed €250.

If you’ve had an accident, complete our online claim form or notify us of an insurance claim on 2343 0000. Alternatively, you may call at our Head Office to discuss matters with our experienced claims handlers or at one of our Branches, TIIs or Brokers if you normally deal with them. Please report all accidents to us immediately so we can tell you what to do next and help resolve any claim on your behalf. Any communications you receive from another third party in relation to your claim should be re-directed to us.

If the accident is a bumper to bumper collision, then you have to fill out a ‘Front to Rear’ form. For other accidents phone the Traffic Wardens on Tel. 2132 0202. It is strongly advisable to take photos following an accident prior to moving your vehicles, especially if you feel you are not to blame or if a front to rear form will be completed. In bumper to bumper cases only, once photos are taken, you are strongly advised to move vehicle/s to the side in order not to obstruct any oncoming traffic. Then contact us within 24 hours and you will be guided on how to proceed. If you have an accident on a weekend, contact us first thing on Monday morning. The wardens’ report will be automatically sent to the insurance companies of the parties involved in the motor accident. If there are injuries involved, please call the Police. For more detailed information see our Motor Claims page.

Private comprehensive vehicles are always entitled for a courtesy vehicle irrespective of liability, according to the number of days authorised by the surveyor and not exceeding € 250. If not at fault and bill exceeds this threshold, we will assist you to recover the balance.

If you are covered for comprehensive insurance, the majority of claims are settled with the minimum of delay from the time of receipt of the invoice from the repairer provided all documentation is in order. Most claims are settled directly with the repairer and there is no need for you to pay anything. Situations that cause delay in repairs or claim settlement arise from the unavailability of certain parts, since this would slow down the repair of vehicles. Delays may also arise from the time it takes to reach an agreement on who is liable for the accident. However, if you have a comprehensive policy we will pay for your repairs irrespective of who is liable at law, and also fight your battles for you. If you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 2343 0000. 

You may repair your vehicle at any garage of your choice. However, it is imperative that the chosen repairer features in the MCCAA approved repairer list as per the following link