Register a Claim

 Making a Claim

Please follow the guidelines hereunder to help us process your claim promptly and efficiently.

Contact our dedicated health claims department on 2343 0000 and we shall be able to advise you accordingly.

Necessary documents to submit a claim

  • Claim form fully completed and signed by the policyholder, general practitioner and consultant where applicable.
  • Original receipts/invoices.
  • Copy of all results of tests performed.
  • If the claim includes blood tests, an itemised list of the tests. 

A claim form must always be fully completed by the policyholder and the treatment providers.  It is important that all necessary documents are attached and sent to us within three months of the date of treatment.  


Pre-authorizing in-patient and day-patient treatment

Once you know that you might need treatment, please contact us immediately on 2343 0000 or e-mail us on so that we can pre-authorize your treatment, subject to the terms of your policy. 

Once we confirm direct settlement for eligible and medically necessary treatment, the hospital would claim expenses directly from us and we would settle medical bills on your behalf. 

The direct settlement facility is only available on our full refund Plans for In-patient and Day-patient treatments, MRI, CT or PET Scans. Your pre-authorization will specify any approved length of stay for In-Patient Treatment.  If your treatment takes longer than this approved length of stay, then you must contact us. We shall not be able to confirm direct settlement for treatment received within the first three months of commencement of cover.

 Please ensure that you inform us at least five working days prior to admission or treatment.

International claims

This section contains information which relates to international claims and is only applicable to Level 5 – International Plan, which offers worldwide cover excluding USA & Canada

What to do in case of overseas emergency treatment

In case of a sudden on-set of a medical condition or an injury which requires you to be admitted to a hospital as an in-patient while you are away from Malta, you may contact our service providers – Global Response Limited on Telephone  +44 (0) 2920 468790 or email on

 Global Response Limited, operate worldwide, are multilingual and offer 24/7 emergency medical services.   They are available to give you advice and direction in getting the treatment you require.  They will contact the hospitals and consult with medical advisors where necessary.

You will not be eligible for this service if:

  • You make your own arrangements for your treatment, without contacting Global Response with 48 hours
  • Your medical condition does not require immediate in-patient treatment
  • You need to be moved from a ship, oil-rig platform or any similar off-shore location
  • Your injury or medical condition results from your participation in professional or hazardous sports