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1. Personal Accident € 15,000.00 € 30,000.00 € 35.00
2. Medical and Emergency Travel Expenses € 250,000.00 € 600,000.00 € 35.00
3. Cancellation and curtailment € 2,500.00 € 5,000.00 € 35.00
4. Personal Baggage € 2,000.00 € 3,000.00 Luggage €15
Items in luggage €35
5. Personal Money and Passport indemnity € 600.00 € 1,250.00 € 35.00
6. Personal Liability € 1,250,000.00 € 1,250,000.00 € 35.00
7. Travel Delay € 150.00 € 250.00 € 35.00
8. Missed Departure € 300.00 € 750.00 € 35.00
9. Excess for Vehicle Rented € 300.00 € 450.00 € 35.00
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  • Please refer to the latest Travel Insurance Policy Document (Ref : EIL.TRPW010/06.23 )
  • for the new Data Protection Notice and the full terms/conditions of this policy.
  • This may be downloaded from here or you may request a copy.
  • Elmo Insurance reserves the rights to withdraw this quotation if any details which you have provided are not accurate or new information is made available to Elmo Insurance which increases the Risk.

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