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Category Sum Insured
1. Electronic eqipment (TV, PC, DVD players, surround system etc.)
2. Jewellery and watches
3. Clocks and articles of precious metal (other than jewellery)
4. Pictures, works of art, curios and collections
5. Photographic equipment
6. All other contents (furniture, carpets, curtains etc.)
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Senior Discount: Only Clients over 60 are eligible.
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Have you or any member of your family permanently residing with you, ever been convicted of any offence involving actual or threatened damage to or loss of property or dishonesty of any kind?
Terms and Conditions
  • This quotation is valid for one month from the date of issue.
  • Please refer to the latest Home Insurance Policy Document (Ref : EIL.HMPW007/06.23 )
  • for the new Data Protection Notice and the full terms/conditions of this policy.
  • This may be downloaded from here or you may request a copy.
  • Elmo Insurance reserves the rights to withdraw this quotation if any details which you have provided are not accurate or new information is made available to Elmo Insurance which increases the Risk.

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